• Hey Mike,

    I do indeed read the Q stem first, all in thanks to the mighty trainer, but I have incorporated using the sticky note method to, I guess you can say, place myself in the position of a test writer.  I do enjoy this method since it allows me to tweak and move components of a stimulus around in order to shape it into many different types of questions, which then enables me to…Read More

  • Also, just to throw it out there and hear your thoughts on the process.  Just recently, I have started to take pt’s and place sticky notes over all of the Stems and Choices and then write everything I gather from the stimulus and then make predictions, for each question type I believe the stimulus could be.  What do you think Mike?

    You’re the man!


  • Just wanted to drop in and say that in the very short time since Mike shared this, I have made brilliant progress.  Its as simple as ripping out and tossing away all answer keys and truly tearing the test apart and trusting yourself.  Thanks again Mike!

  • That was simply phenomenal and certainly unexpected! Thank you Mike! What you have provided is more than helpful and is something that everyone studying should see.


  • Hey Mike,

    I opted for the February test being that I am yet where I want/need to be (179-180).  I have endured numerous hours of review and have covered multiple books/courses and am now in the mid 170’s, however, sitting here, attempting to gear up for 2 more months of studying, I am unsure where to begin.  Leading up to the December test I was simply banging out LG after LG and Timed L…Read More

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