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    Hi! —

    Thanks for trusting in the Trainer and nice to have you here on the forums —

    As you alluded to, it’s very important to know when we are being asked to critically evaluate the reasoning in an argument and when we are not — and I’ll certainly be talking about that in greater and greater detail as you get deeper into the book (the Constellation of Q’s on page 36 gives a hint of…Read More

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    Hi Michael —

    No new version planned for 2018 — we may change the cover styling at some point but that’s about it — so, I think you’ll be just fine getting the version that’s available now —

    Best of luck with your studies, and get in touch if you need me for anything —


  • Hey Ryan —

    That’s not something we offer at this time, but we have been getting a lot of requests for it, so it’s something we’ll be looking into — if something changes, I’ll get in touch and let you know —


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    Hi Farheen!

    You can follow the study schedule, in which case 72 will be assigned as your diagnostic, but my suggestion (and sorry if I wasn’t clear on this) would be to not follow a study schedule (which includes lots of extra practice), but rather just finish the book + take a diagnostic — for that diagnostic, you can use whatever test you’d like — 72 will work fine — another…Read More

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    Hi Farheen,

    Thanks for trusting in the Trainer and nice to have you here —

    The Trainer study schedules are designed to combine your Trainer work with additional drill problems and practice tests from outside the book —

    If you have the time, you can certainly try to fit all that in before your course, but my recommendation would be to either

    a) Study the entire Trainer by itself…Read More

  • Hi Yana —

    Wonderful to hear that you are happy with the Trainer thus far and excited to see what you think of the rest of it!

    Unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, I know very little about the law or the legal industry, and I’m certainly not the best person to recommend reading in the field (perhaps others can chime in with some suggestions) —

    In terms of general reading, here is a…Read More

  • Hi Haris,

    I have a couple of ideas for you —

    First, just a quick note about the schedules — they are designed to account for your learning, drilling, and practice tests, and prioritize those components in that order, so, if you chose the 16 week schedule, you’d still get your primary learning done relatively early on in your studies and be able to focus mostly on pt’s later in your…Read More

  • Hi Kristen,

    Sorry to hear about December — I imagine there is a score on the Feb test that, were you to get it, would make you say “well, I am happy I ended up having to take it again” — I’ve seen a lot of students have just such an experience, and hope that for you as well —

    Before you dive back into your studies, I think it’s a great idea to do a bit of self-assessment to figure…Read More

  • Hi Yana,

    Nice to meet you online and thanks so much for trusting in the Trainer — glad to hear that you enjoy it so far!

    I would argue that the LSAT is primarily a reading test, and so, relative to other U.S. standardized exams, it’s a particularly difficult test for non-native speakers — I have, fortunately, seen quite a few remarkable native-Chinese students make great score gains,…Read More

  • Hi Mei / Jarros – thank you for your interest — unfortunately, I don’t offer private tutoring — the best way to get my instruction is to purchase The LSAT Trainer study guide — you can check out a few free chapters here —


    And see if they will be of use to you —

    Good luck with your studies, and whether you purchase the Trainer or…Read More

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    Hey Collin —

    Great to have you on the forum and awesome to hear that you are enjoying the Trainer thus far —

    The time it takes to complete each drill will vary quite a bit, depending on the randomness of how many of a game type / q type are within the sections that are being used for the assignments — but on average, I think you can expect the drill sets to take roughly the same…Read More

  • Hey Cameron – that’s awesome to hear — happy holidays to you as well! — as always, let me know if you need me — MK

  • Hey everyone – just got another note from LSAC saying scores will actually be released tomorrow, Dec 22nd.

  • Hi everyone – just a quick note to say that LSAC has informed us that December scores are coming out today — best wishes to all of you waiting on your score!

  • Great to hear that you are enjoying the book! —

    Your diagram looks great —

    Not sure if you meant for the pairings (for when R and T go together) to be an example of one possibility or representative of what must be — if it’s the latter, you want to be careful — we don’t know those assignments for sure —

    Hope that helps clear things up and best of luck with your studies — MK

  • Hey! — Sorry about the link issue — currently working on a major revamp of the entire site and the forum should be working more smoothly in a couple of weeks —

    That’s overall a very clever way to diagram the game, and I think it was very smart of you to infer that P and Q can’t ride together and to put them into separate cars — the only question I have is how you know O goes into…Read More

  • Hi Sabina — sure thing! —

    I would personally suggest either the 52-71 16 week schedule or the 62-81 16 week schedule (which is indeed the finalized version of the beta schedules I mentioned) — the first if you think there is a chance you will finish the schedule early and need extra practice or you think there is a good chance you will study again for another test, and the second in…Read More

  • Hey Cameron —

    Sure — I think that’s a great idea, especially with drills / games that you know might cause you trouble or that, as you mentioned, you know you want to play multiple times (which I strongly recommend as well) — one suggestion I have is to try and keep track of your work and keep it as organized as possible, so that you can more easily review your work, think about…Read More

  • Hey Cameron —

    Sure thing! — happy to help —

    I do recommend that in general you time all of your practice work and that by habit you try to solve problems as fast as you can (without sacrificing accuracy). Of course, if you are just getting familiar with a question type and want to be more deliberate with your strategies, or if you are struggling with a question type and want to break…Read More

  • Hello Cameron —

    That’s all so nice to you to say! Thank you so much for the kind words — awesome to hear all of it and excited to see how well the Trainer works out for you —

    In terms of going from 154 – 168+ — there are no guarantees and every student is different, but I think it’s a very realistic possibility, and, as long as you think you have the time and energy to invest int…Read More

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