• Hi everyone,

    As part of the restructuring of The LSAT Trainer site, we will be closing The Trainer community forum effective 8/3/18.

    You can always get your questions answered directly by contacting me at mike@thelsattrainer.com.

  • Hi Romina,

    Sorry for the slight delay and wish you the best on Monday —

    Not quite sure if there is a lot to be done about score fluctuations right before the exam, but here are some suggestions for ways to strengthen the odds that you score toward the top of that scale —

    1) Do whatever you can to put yourself in an aggressive mindset, and try to get off to a quick strong start in…Read More

  • Hey George —

    I am an extremely nervous person myself so I can certainly understand the challenge —

    It also sounds like you didn’t do too bad other than that one game, so, if it wasn’t for that, you could have still gotten into or close to your range —

    It’s obvious you are “right there” in terms of your score, and I expect that regardless of how you choose to study, you’ll end up…Read More

  • Hi Lily —

    Sorry for the lack of activity on your post — this is more of a Trainer support forum than a community discussion area —

    In any case, thought I’d offer up a couple of links related to getting to 170 and beyond — I hope you find them helpful, and if you do, you can find some more in the f.a.q. —

    Wish you the best and let me know if I ever help with anything -…Read More

  • Hi Shadow —

    If you would like to use some of those problems from 72-81 for your drill assignments, I suggest you utilize one of the study schedules (either the 4 week, 8 week, or one of the 12 week options available here) that are designed for use with just prep tests 72-81 — these will automatically assign some problems from 72-76 into your drill sets for you.

    If you are utilizing…Read More

  • Hi David,

    Great to have you here and thanks for trusting in the Trainer — I wish you the very best with it —

    In terms of your q’s, —

    1) I think your time allocation is solid — one thing to keep in mind that the drills will be a bit more inconsistent in length (just by nature of how often different q types show up, etc.).

    2) I suggest students go into their prep planning to take…Read More

  • Hey everyone —

    Just wanted to announce that we’ve just added diagramming solutions for all Logic Games from PrepTests 52-81 to our site, and you can find them here:


    Huge thanks to Dan Oakes for helping vet them.

    This is the first of many significant new resources that we will be introducing this year, and we…Read More

  • It’s my pleasure! Wish you the very best!

  • Hey! —

    Sorry, but for my previous response about RC, I guess I didn’t quite realize you were taking in Feb — all the same suggestions still apply, but, in terms of specifically getting ready for this Saturday —

    1) there are review suggestions scattered throughout the various RC chapters, but the most important RC chapter to read right before the test is 37, so make sure to look…Read More

  • Hey —

    Here is a list of steps you can take to review your LR — as I always say, you know yourself best, so please feel free to utilize whatever helps and to ignore whatever you feel like ignoring 🙂 —

    Some big picture goals to keep in mind — you want to gain/refine your understanding + develop/refine positive methods/habits —

    1) First time experiencing LR Q, in PT, section, or…Read More

  • Thanks for your patience —

    I can write a few hundred pages on this, and it’s a challenge for me to try and limit myself and figure out what is most useful or most helpful to discuss —

    As you mentioned, there is an enormous difference between knowing how you want to read and actually reading that way — like the difference between knowing how you want to shoot a basketball and c…Read More

  • Hey! —

    Thanks for trusting in the Trainer and great to have you here —

    My default recommendation would be to go with the 62-81 schedule —

    The main reasons you may want to utilize another schedule include
    a) you’ve already used up certain exams in your studies or
    b) you think you may finish the schedule early and want the latest tests to work on between end of schedule and test day…Read More

  • Hi Immanuel —

    This is a great question and an important question, so I need a little bit of time to write up an adequate response — so, thanks in advance for your patience and I’ll have something up by tomorrow —

    Take care —


  • Mike Kim replied to the topic Complex "or' Rules in the forum General Discussion 5 years ago

    Hi Immanuel,

    Happy to try and help —

    One small suggestion I have is to try using some physical items (toy cars would be great but anything will do) to visualize how these rules play out — may feel a little silly, but it can also be very helpful for helping your mind more easily “see” the consequences of these rules.

    To begin, let’s quickly review the difference between just havin…Read More

  • Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for the thanks and it’s great to hear that you’ve found the Trainer useful —

    In terms of Logic Games — there are four key factors that impact your speed —

    1) Your ability to visualize the game as a whole — when you can’t quite visualize how assignments relate to one another etc. it makes it much harder to do the rest of your work.

    2) Your ability to diagr…Read More

  • Hey there —

    Happy to try and help —

    1) “I only go to work on Tuesdays” —

    So, you know that the guarantee will either be:

    Go to work -> it must be a Tuesday


    It’s a Tuesday -> must go to work.

    If you are uncertain which way the guarantee should go, one great way to check is to consider alternatives and see how they relate to the original statement.

    So, if we want to know…Read More

  • Hello Achini! —

    Nice to meet you online! — The book should be fine to study with — the only downside is that the versions from that first year had some typos that were cleaned up for subsequent versions —

    Here is a link to a list of typos to be aware of from that version that you might find helpful —


    Again, as long as…Read More

  • Mike Kim replied to the topic P. 286 Prostatectomies in the forum Expert Help 5 years ago

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks so much for the comments and great to have you here!

    You certainly aren’t the first to ask about that drill – it’s a doozy —

    In terms of answer choice (C) – it basically tells us something about the standard deviation of traditional vs robotic surgeries —

    I certainly understand your thinking, but there is just as much likelihood that traditional surgery was dra…Read More

  • Mike Kim replied to the topic Flaw Drill in the forum Ask Mike Kim 5 years ago

    Hey –

    Lesson 5 is a general introduction to flaws, and the book will get into more specific detail about different types of flaws in the lessons to come — I do think it might be a good idea to keep the double-dip drill in mind and to come back to it after you’ve gotten some of the more specific instruction, to see if the exercise is clearer / makes better sense —

    HTH — MK

  • Hi Vald,

    Nice to have you here and wish you the best with the Trainer —

    I do generally recommend more prep time if possible, but I have also seen tons of students make huge improvements in a month’s time, and, as long as you have the recommended amount of prep time per week, I think you can trust that using the schedule will leave you far better prepared for test day than you would be…Read More

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