• Hi Mike – thanks for the page references and for the game day tips. I plan on revisiting those again and again in the coming weeks. Also thanks to the previous poster’s questions and your responses, which have helped me as well.  BTW,  after some consideration, I’ve decided to hold onto my three chances and take the actual exam when I ‘m 110% on board with my readiness level.  With th…Read More

  • Hi Mike – perhaps you can address this at the 4 p.m. hour…Yesterday you mentioned you had some pearls on the topic of Nerves and getting over one’s fear of performing under timed conditions. In order to avoid redundancy, is there a part in the Trainer where you talk about that?  I still have the first edition and thought that perhaps I could just re-read that chapter instead of making…Read More

  • >>>Thanks for the logic games assessment link Mike! I will definitely check it out.

    Mike said : “2) Even if it’s your first time, you only have 3 attempts at the test, and, the next time you take the test, you will likely feel better knowing you have 2 more tries than knowing you only have 1 more.

    If you feel that you have plenty of room for improvement, I think that is the crux of y…Read More

  • Hi Mike –
    My responses to your three questions:
    1. Yes, I have taken a proctored LSAT exam (offered by a preptest company in my city) but not one administered officially by LSAC. So if I took it, the December exam would be my first official one.
    2. Realistically, I would say I’m 10-12 points away from my goal score of 167-169.
    3. No, there is no pressing need to go to law school next…Read More

  • Hi Mike -Congratulations on the new forum and thank you for the office hours!! Here’s my dilemma: I signed up to take the December exam but know that if I took it, I likely would not be able to achieve my desired score. I say this because I have spent 95% of my time just learning the concepts, micro-analyzing questions, and doing drills and sections at a time. I have NOT done p…Read More

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