• I am using the 12 week guide. Referencing to-do Week 2, item 1 Grouping Games Set 1, which then is what I wrote above.

    I am presuming that page 12 of the 12-Week Schedule the following:

    PT= Practice Test
    S = Set 2 (test 2 of the the PT)
    Games = Question

    Is this incorrect?

    If the schedule does not coincide, no big issue, I have both LSAT Test Books so, I can locate the LR games on…Read More

  • Hello Mr. Kim,

    I am reviewing the LSAT Trainer and it is time for a drill set; however, the drill set1 (Grouping Games Set 1) PT 52-53-54 Sets 2/2/3 are not aligned with the past 7 chapters of what I just read. Is this intentional? It seems that if we just spent 7 chapters over LR, the drill sets would correspond. If there is a different approach, or I missed it in the reading /…Read More