• Thank you Mike, for such a thorough and insightful response.

    If I’m understanding you correctly, my goal should basically be to really nail the basics so my performance is more consistent and reliable.

    I recently got the ManhattanPrep Strategy Guides to help with that. If you have any good tips regarding how the Strategy Guides can work in conjunction with the Trainer to maximize…Read More

  • Hi Mike and Dan,

    As an avid reader of the LSAT trainer, and having been able to score somewhat consistently in the 170-175 range on my PT’s after following the book’s instructions, I was very disappointed to get 165 on my LSAT last December. I enrolled to take the September LSAT and is looking for some advice on steps moving forward.

    I believe the biggest factor to my failure was my…Read More

  • Thank you Mike. Looks like the devil is really in the details.

  • Hi guys,

    For the question named in the subject title, I fail to see why answer choice A is the better choice over C. Choice C seems to better connect the support and conclusion; if “a manager should see that contractors do their jobs promptly”(choice C), then it obligates them to having the project completed without delay, while “a manager should take foreseeable problems into account…Read More

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