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    I was just wondering, is there anyone out there who could give advice or direct me in the right direction about re-applying to law school? I am currently studying to take the LSATs again, but I’m not sure what I need to exactly focus on in appealing to future schools on why I should be re-admitted. I know the impact statement, essays, etc. are important, but exactly how to go…Read More

  • That was super nifty. I just looked back at those three that you suggested in the PreTest book for 29-38; they def hint at it as we were discussing in our session. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it as a yellow flag during my other practice tests! Thanks Dan!

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    Balancing a full time job and taking on studying for the LSATs is no easy feat, but Dan is very accommodating and works with you on your availability. (And I should know, as I live on the East Coast and Dan lives on the West Coast, so we have interactive sessions.) His mastery of the LSATs is so good, it enables him to assist you on trouble shooting problems via text and email outside…Read More

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