• Hi,

    I have a question regarding the conditional statement “I only go to work on Tuesdays.”

    I put T -> W since being Tuesday guarantees that I will be working.

    I feel like saying going to work guarantees that it’s Tuesday also makes sense. Usually, I count anything that comes after only as necc condition, but I tried to use the guarantee method. Any clarification?

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    Hey Mike,

    Is there additional help on the website in recognizing flaw? In chapter 5, I am able to recognize or kinda recognize most of the flaw, but when I tackle the matching double dip drill, I am lost. It there a list of flaw that i could use?

    How should I tackle this?

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    I’ve just started reading the book. I’m not sure if this is further explained in the following chapters, but I’m a bit confused regarding “understand why the reasons given do not justify the point that is made” (2nd edition pg.35). Is this only pertaining to those questions that have flaws and not inference questions such as most strongly supports?

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