• Hey guys,

    I was hoping to get some help. Going through the book has been amazing. I’ve gained a ton of points. However, I’m still leaving point on the board. Logic games in particular. I’m able to well diagram the rules at this point, but I struggle to see the important inferences. Should I make new boards for each question? How can I do better on the inference portion? Just practice? Thanks!

  • Hi Mike,

    I just ordered your LSAT trainer, and plan to take the June LSAT. I was going to do the 8 week program because that leaves me with 4 weeks beforehand if I start on Monday. I’ve worked in the Powerscore Bibles and I know I’m currently PTing around 157, so I have a fundamental knowledge of the test, just haven’t seen it translate over just yet. How would you recommend I attack your book?