VERY Low Cost Full-Length Online Class

    • April 18, 2018 at 3:03 pm #136142
      LSAT Dan

      Campus Prep, a small-but-national test prep company that offers low-cost alternatives to more expensive courses, is offering an online LSAT class beginning Thursday, April 26. This will be an 18-hour course, six consecutive weeks from 6:00-9:00 p.m. MOUNTAIN time. The cost of the course is $225 (!)

      I will be teaching the course. I used to teach Campus Prep’s in-person courses in Southern California, at USC and UCLA, and I’ve taught several online courses for them as well, but not lately. The testimonial on the Campus Prep (dot org) homepage from Jon Ancona is from a class I taught for Campus Prep at USC; Jon went from an initial 154 to 170 (not a typical result), and got into Boalt (Berkeley Law), and is now a practicing attorney.

      Apply online at the Campus Prep website if interested, and DM me here if you have questions. Typically, most people who sign up through Campus Prep are relatively inexperienced. If you’re scoring 155+, while the course will cover topics that will be of use to you, bear in mind that initially, I’ll be getting people who are not yet at your level up to speed; there will be some review involved. If you’re scoring below 150, or are relatively new (or brand new) to the exam, it will be a great lead up to the summer (or fall) exams.

      The online platform includes audio from my end, and test boxes for student interaction (questions can be asked at any time), diagrams and typing appearing on your screen in real time, and one-button exports to pdf of anything on the screen at any time.

      Campus Prep’s philosophy and business model for in-person courses is to partner with universities’ pre-law societies to get low-cost room rentals in order to provide quality, affordable test prep. I’m a 99th percentile scorer and top-20 law school graduate with over 8 years’ experience tutoring students and teaching LSAT courses.

      If you can find a better LSAT course for $12.50/hour…TAKE IT.

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