Trainer Drills Chapter 10 LG

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      Hey again… referring to pg. 140-142 and appreciate any and all help!

      Are we likely to see something like the 15/18 on the exam?  How would one approach this? Is there any inference that should have been made [but maybe not discussed in book] that due to the length something had to be first kind of deal?  I noticed some of the other solutions seemed like they could have gone farther [below]

      For the 2/5 [planes/children respectively]… does it make sense / is it valid to go a step further?

      For 7/10; I noted that the second cloud group was G F G in no particular order.

      For 9/12; I ended up with a similar thing where I did the two scenarios [something I had heard while sitting in on a class but seemed to make sense to use]

      The primary question I guess is are the scenarios something that the Trainer gets into later, or is it a strategy you typically say to avoid?

      Edit: It appears that my formatting failed in an epic fashion so I uploaded as pictures

      second edit: woah – this book escalated quickly after that chapter.

      Final edit: are the practice drills [i.e. page 165 and that section] available to be printed anywhere?

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      Mike Kim

      Hey —

      For 15/18 — not sure exactly what you are referencing, but I don’t see anything in the game that’s particularly unusual — the key to that game, for me at least, is the connection between rules 1, 2, and 3 — basically, they give you a relationship between 5 of the 7 elements — and if you are comfortable handling the relationships between those elements, that (+ fact that other 2 elements are bound in a pair) would probably be all you need in order to have a fairly straight-forward time w/the q’s.

      As for your diagrams — they all look great to me — in terms of “going further,” you used a lot of optional moves (such as creating frames) which are great, and can be obviously be very helpful, but they aren’t absolutely necessary to setting up the games correctly, and, since this was an introductory lesson, I didn’t choose to discuss those options in the lesson — but trust that all the concerns you brought up – framing, notating could be inferences, and so on, will be covered and practiced in future lessons —

      Finally, the practice drills are not available to be printed — so, anything you want to repeat, I recommend print copies ahead of time, or do your work on separate paper —

      Make sure not to go through the book too fast! —


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