THE Most Important LSAT Fundamentals (Drilling & PT Tips, Part 3)

    • April 22, 2016 at 8:22 am #1756
      Mike Kim

      Obviously different teachers will have different opinions on the matter, but to me, these are the fundamentals that are most important for success on each section:

      For Logical Reasoning

      1) The ability to correctly recognize, isolate, and evaluate an argument.
      2) A clear understanding (and correct usage of) the task presented by each type of question stem.

      For Logic Games

      1) The ability to correctly visualize and represent the overall design of a game.
      2) The ability to create and correctly utilize diagramming techniques.

      For Reading Comp

      1) The habit of reading a passage with a focus on correctly recognizing its reasoning structure.

      2) A clear understanding (and correct usage of) the task presented in each specific question stem (that is, whether you correctly recognize and utilize the fact that the stem asks about the passage as a whole, or a certain paragraph, correctly recognize and utilize the fact that a question stem asks for something directly mentioned in the passage, or instead asks for something suggested by the passage, and so on).

      As we practice, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the various threads of thought we can have about the test and about our prep —

      But I believe that being strong in the above areas makes all the other challenges of the LSAT markedly more manageable.

      So, I think that it can be very helpful to consistently center yourself around the above fundamentals (or any other set of fundamentals that works better for you) —

      One way to do that would be to perhaps consider writing the above keys (or again, any others that you prefer) on note cards, and remind yourself to look at those note cards before and after each drill set — often, just reminding yourself that this is something important is all you need, and your brain will just do the rest —

      HTH – I’ll be back soon with more suggestions – MK

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