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      Thanks for reading. I have a question about pg. 116 of the LSAT Trainer, and the last drill problem on the page.

      I thought there was no logical flaw in this question. I have already read all of the Powerscore books and they said in their formal logic section that A <–m– B –m–> C (I.e., two mosts with the arrow pointing “away” from a Center term would mean at A <–s–> C (“some A’s are C’s.”) Isn’t that the case with the last question (bottom right) on page 116, and therefore isn’t the statement actually valid? The “at least one” in the example correspond to “some” and would therefore be correct.

      What am I missing here?

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      Mike Kim

      Hi Gitanjali —

      Welcome to the forums — nice to have you here and I hope you are finding the Trainer useful —

      The issue with that drill q is a shift in subject matter. The premises are about people in a club, and the conclusion is about members of the leadership committee. Without more information, we can’t conclude something about the leadership committee because we don’t know how the club and the leadership committee relate to one another.

      Hope that helps clear things up and let me know if you have any follow-up — have a great wknd — Mike

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