Public Policy student want to take LSAT exam?

    • December 23, 2017 at 3:36 pm #3425

      Hi, Mike

      This is Yana. I’m currently a public policy graduate (full time). My question is, to prepare for LSAT without any related background, what is the minimum study time you recommend? My willingness is build on my aspiration for justice, but I’m also aware to be a law school student require a bunch of other things that I may not have.

      Anyway, I just finished the introductory section, and I really enjoy it! I would like to hear your suggestions for someone like me who major in public policy, and for how long it may need, and most importantly, for international student (I’m from China).


    • December 26, 2017 at 10:48 am #3429
      Mike Kim

      Hi Yana,

      Nice to meet you online and thanks so much for trusting in the Trainer — glad to hear that you enjoy it so far!

      I would argue that the LSAT is primarily a reading test, and so, relative to other U.S. standardized exams, it’s a particularly difficult test for non-native speakers — I have, fortunately, seen quite a few remarkable native-Chinese students make great score gains, and I certainly hope that’s the case for you as well —

      If your schedule allows for it, I would recommend 6 months of consistent prep, which will put you in position to take the June 2018 exam —

      Every student is different, and it could take you far more or far less time to get to a point where you feel at your best, but I think that’s a good starting gauge —

      A couple of additional tips —

      1) You will have to make up for being a non-native speaker in part with pattern recognition — memorization of how LSAT problems are designed and how the rules of the LSAT work — drilling, which involves working on a bunch of problems that are related to one another — is especially useful for that, and can be a big key to your success.

      The free Trainer study schedules available here — — can help you combine your Trainer learning with corresponding drill sets.

      2) Outside of directly studying for the LSAT, I encourage you to immerse yourself in as much reading as possible — dense, quality material in whatever subjects interest you most — whether it be public policy or even just about hobbies or people you are interested in — whatever gets you reading, reading, reading, so that you can be in the best reading-shape you can be —

      Hope that helps and wish you the best — if you have any follow-up or need anything else, please let me know — Mike

    • December 28, 2017 at 6:53 pm #3437

      Thank you so much for your response! I have been reading your book since last week. I have to say the way your phrase is really helpful for me to understand the skill sets. It is highly understandable, similarly as drawing a vivid picture in my mind. I finished Logical Reasoning. Every flaw drill is practical and fantastic! Never been this happy during study.

      With regard to reading, I do have lots of reading to cover in various fields every semester. However, I was wondering maybe can you recommend me some books that is related to law, and like you said, with high quality? (or books you enjoy reading ? ) I generally love to read, but most of my focus has naturally associated with politics, sociology, media, etc. Right now I’m very much interested in international law, OR any reading can improve my logical thinking. Thank you again for the reply! I will follow up and let you know my answers in the future!

    • December 29, 2017 at 3:44 pm #3438
      Mike Kim

      Hi Yana —

      Wonderful to hear that you are happy with the Trainer thus far and excited to see what you think of the rest of it!

      Unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, I know very little about the law or the legal industry, and I’m certainly not the best person to recommend reading in the field (perhaps others can chime in with some suggestions) —

      In terms of general reading, here is a post with a few suggestions —

      3 Suggestions for Summer Reading Plus A Bonus

      Hope you find at least one of those interesting, and good luck with your studies — as always, get in touch if you need me —


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