LR 34.3.5 A democratic society cannot exist–Negation question

    • April 5, 2016 at 9:37 am #1662

      Hi all,

      I wanted to have a discussion¬†on negation for required assumption questions. At the time of taking this test, I narrowed down the answers to A and D. Both seemed to go at the flaw I had identified in my head. From there i went to the negation test to see which one would destroy the argument. I went with A because I had negated the statement incorrectly, and in doing so I thought it was the stronger negation that “destroyed” the original argument. In retrospect, I realize that A is likely overkill for a R.A. question, and is more likely a S.A. type of answer.

      My negation of A only negated term “unable” but failed to negate the term “anyone”: Anyone who relies on movies and electronic media for entertainment is able to form a strong bond of mutual trust with a citizen. In this form, it seems pretty damaging to the argument and therefore I chose it. Obviously, I should have started that out with “some people who rely on…”


      After that long build up, I’m curious to know which parts of a sentence are ones that I must negate? I think normally it’s pretty obvious, but this seems like the first time I’ve run into a situation where I’ve had to negate two parts of the sentence. Any tips on how to catch these sorts of things in the future?

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