Los Angeles Test Takers – Study Group

    • June 3, 2016 at 9:51 pm #1960

      Hi everyone!

      I just got this book and I’m just about to start Lesson 2. I realized there is a lot to take in, I was thinking of starting a study group in the LA Area.

      Although most of the work needs to be done on our own, I was thinking of starting an “accountability” group, somewhere where we can meet every week

      and have a quick review on the lessons assigned per week and ask each other any questions we might have on the practice problems.

      If anyone is interested please let me know, you can contact me at penny.guevara.20@gmail.com

      I start my study sessions this weekend and I’m going to do a 4 month intense study plan while working full time, so if you can relate let me know.

      Have a goodnight everyone!


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