Logic Games: How to speed up

    • January 22, 2018 at 3:18 pm #28493

      Hi Mike,

      Firstly, thanks for creating the trainer. It has been of great help to me during my LSAT studies.

      Secondly, I am taking the Feb LSAT 2018. With less than three weeks to go now I am still only able to complete 3/4 Logic Games in the time allotted (35 mins). I am not so troubled about my understanding of the games by now, however, I am still slow. How do I cut time I spend on each game in order that I can complete all four on test day?


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      Mike Kim

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for the thanks and it’s great to hear that you’ve found the Trainer useful —

      In terms of Logic Games — there are four key factors that impact your speed —

      1) Your ability to visualize the game as a whole — when you can’t quite visualize how assignments relate to one another etc. it makes it much harder to do the rest of your work.

      2) Your ability to diagram – and to rely on and utilize your diagram for the other aspects of the process.

      3) Your ability to find inferences and to follow the correct inference chains

      4) The approaches you take to thinking about and answering different types of q’s —

      In my experience, for most students, the key to all of this is diagramming — when you can get automatic at diagramming and when you can rely on your diagram to help you visualize, make the right inferences and so on, it makes everything else easier — it may not be the key concern for you, but, if you don’t feel like you can rely on your diagramming as much as you’d like, I’d recommend making that a big priority in your studies.

      In addition, if you feel like you’d like some strengthening up in some of the other 4 areas, please check out the suggested exercises in this readiness checklist — they might give you some ideas —

      In terms of how to spend your prep time, I suggest mixing it up between taking full PT’s, which should be your main practice for this final part of your prep, and also playing sets of drill sets of like games (a bunch of ordering games together, or grouping games together, etc.) — always try to study how different games you play are related to one another, and play games again and again until you feel confident in your ability to play them well and play them fast. So much of this is just muscle memory, and you should expect to get faster and faster with more practice.

      Hope that helps and wish you the best — if you have any follow-up let me know —


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