Justify what??

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      I’ve just started reading the book. I’m not sure if this is further explained in the following chapters, but I’m a bit confused regarding “understand why the reasons given do not justify the point that is made” (2nd edition pg.35). Is this only pertaining to those questions that have flaws and not inference questions such as most strongly supports?

      For sample question 1 in the next page, I don’t think there are reasons given that don’t justify the point made.

      Also when you talk about do not justify, do you mean sample questions 2 and 3, but not 1 and 4?

      I just would like to align my understanding with you, since I’m not seeing any difference with information other books present.


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      Mike Kim

      Hi! —

      Thanks for trusting in the Trainer and nice to have you here on the forums —

      As you alluded to, it’s very important to know when we are being asked to critically evaluate the reasoning in an argument and when we are not — and I’ll certainly be talking about that in greater and greater detail as you get deeper into the book (the Constellation of Q’s on page 36 gives a hint of what’s to come — the “argument-based q’s that require us to be critical” are the ones where we are expected to evaluate why the reasoning given does not justify the conclusion reached).

      And as you correctly pointed out, sample q’s 1 and 4 are not types that require us to critically evaluate why the reasoning given does not justify a conclusion reached.

      Hope that helps clears things up and wish you the best with your studies — if you have any follow-up or need anything else, let me know — Mike

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