How to get started on LSAT Prep?

    • April 27, 2016 at 3:43 pm #1778

      Hi fellow Lsatters!

      I am fairly new to this forum. I plan on taking the September 24 LSAT this year (2016) and I just wanted to get everyones 2 cents on how I should begin to study and how long people recommend to study for. I plan on devoting my entire summer, no school or work for 3 and half months and spend it prepping for the LSAT. I am obviously a huge fan of the LSAT Trainer and I was wondering if I should solely use that as my guide as I am studying… any tips and tricks for setting up a schedule or finding cheap (free is better) tutorials and guides online in my LSAT Prep journey? What were your methods during your study?
      Thank you all!

    • April 29, 2016 at 4:15 am #1779

      The LSAT Trainer is a great resource. Start there. But do not rush through the material. You can’t cram for this test; take it slowly and ensure that you understand every lesson taught to you in the book.

      Once you’ve mastered the material in The LSAT Trainer, it’s time to take timed PrepTests. You can find the tests for cheap on Amazon (something like $20 for a volume of 10 tests). Once you have the tests, take them just like you would on test day (35 minutes per section, scantron, wooden pencils, etc). If it helps, I just created some proctor videos for my students to use during PrepTests; you are free to use them ask well.

      After each test, study every single question that you either got incorrect or were unsure about when you marked your answer. Then write down in your own words why the correct answers are correct and why each tempting incorrect answer is incorrect. Doing it in your own words is important; don’t just copy someone else’s explanation. Also drill every game that you make a mistake on (or are too slow on).

      In regards to setting up a schedule, Mike has created numerous study guides that you might find useful.

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