How to get rid of biases?

    • April 30, 2016 at 10:52 pm #1786

      For about six months I have been stuck at the 160-165 range. It has been a discouraging time, but after reading a great book called Mindset, I changed my approach and actually am trying to learn.

      I was obsessed with performing instead of learning, and therefore would make excuses instead of trying to learn from my mistakes. This may have stemmed from the fact that I didn’t like accepting the fact that I was inferior compared to my peers.

      Logically following, I now ask myself WHY did I get this wrong(radical, I know), and a reoccurring theme is that I let my biases in instead of trying to read the text word-for-word. Therefore, my question is:What is the most efficient method in getting rid of your biases or preconceived notions?

      (Sorry about the backstory, just wanted to include some context)

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