16+ Week Schedules

    • July 22, 2016 at 4:13 pm #2295


      I’m wondering what the best plan of action would be for a long-term study schedule (30+ weeks). Currently eyeing the February exam, though there’d be no harm for me to take it later than that. Currently I’ve just been trying to be in the Trainer about 1-1.5 hours/day while following the 16 week schedule. Is there a more specific regimen I should follow?

      Thank you!

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      Mike Kim

      Hey Timothy — sorry for the delay — been thinking about what the best thing would be for you — will be back tomorrow w/some thoughts — MK

    • July 26, 2016 at 6:11 am #2304
      Mike Kim

      Hey – thanks for your patience –

      Great that you have plenty of time to study and that you are getting started early —

      I also think it’s great to start w/the 16 week schedule, but I encourage you to be flexible with it — a few things to keep in mind —

      The schedule takes you through all the phases of your prep (learning, drilling, and pt’s) so if you follow it exactly it’ll get you “through the cycle” a bit too early, if that makes sense.

      So, with about 30 weeks until the test, if your choices are

      a) to finish the Trainer schedule in 16 weeks then have 14 weeks more to study other stuff or
      b) to stretch the Trainer schedule to 30 weeks

      I would suggest option (B).

      Having said that, if you do stretch the schedule, you will have extra study time, and so you want to stay flexible and feel free to
      – a) move faster through the reading/learning phases (that is, don’t “stretch” this part too much)
      – b) add in additional drill work (probably the best benefit of the extra time — you can get extra problems to solve from the 10 Actuals PT’s 29-38 book)
      – c) go back through the Trainer (or perhaps look at other resources as well) later in your studies as need be &
      – d) of course, get in extra PT work as well (though you generally want this to be at the tail end of your prep)

      Again, in my experience, once students have strong understanding and strategies, it is the drill work that is probably going to be the most valuable use of your extra time —

      Having said that, every student is different, and the great news is that starting off so early you have plenty of time to adjust things along the way as you see fit.

      Additionally, you may want to check out the schedules in the Trainer archive — http://www.thelsattrainer.com/student-resources-archive.html — to see if either fits your situation better —

      Hope that helps, and if you have any follow-up or need anything else let me know —


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