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December 3, 2015 at 1:23 am #924
Mike Kim

OMG, it certainly is a “sneaky issue! But I think I get it now. So the difference is the rule for O and S says that there has to be at least one element (another composition) between them whereas the rule for P and M says that there has to be at least one YEAR between them and a year (in this scenario) is simply one placeholder in the diagram of 7 “placeholders”, is that right? So to go from 1990 to 1991 is one year but just one placeholder over. Therefore, P can be next to M.

I want you to know I think your book is written very well. It’s easy to read and encourages you to stay interested / involved. However, even with a degree in Computer Science and 25 years in the industry, the LSAT is still very challenging, to me. I’ll continue on with book and hopefully at the end when I start taking PTs 100% of the study time, something magical will happen and all that I’ve learned through your book will “click”:)

Thanks again! You are great!


Yeah, I think you’ve got it — just to finalize things —  the “year” in discussion, to be exact, is actually the space in between placeholders — so, that’s why, in that situation, elements can be placed next to each other while still satisfying the rule that there is “at least a year” between them —

And thank you so much for the nice comments — I really appreciate hearing that, and I definitely understand how hard it can be to study for this exam —

I’ve taught it for a long time now, and in my professional opinion, starting off with a naturally high, med, or low score doesn’t, in general, say a whole lot of note about anyone  — I think that how much students are able to improve actually reveals a whole lot more —

So, I definitely commend you for working hard and I want to support that — I’ll be here regularly moving forward — if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.