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December 3, 2015 at 12:04 am #920
Mike Kim

ZSanchez wrote:

Hi Mike! I worked using the first edition of your text book. I am going at the exam again– should I use the 2015 version? What sections have been updated?

Also- I understand that it is best to practice using the most recent exams. Do you recommend using some of  the newer exams for drills or only for full length simulated practice?

I find it challenging to use the most recent exams because many LSAT resources don’t have explanations for the correct answers.



Hi! Welcome to the site! —

There have been no significant changes to the Trainer since its release (and there won’t be), and there is no need at all to buy a new copy — you can stick with the one with you’ve already got.

In terms of using the exams, I do agree that the newer ones are slightly more useful than the older, and in general you want to utilize most if not all of the newest exams for PT’s, especially if you are limited in terms of fresh tests —

A few caveats — if you have a ton of newer tests that you haven’t looked at yet, definitely feel free to use one or two of them for drilling, just so you don’t have to have any fear that the q’s on the newer tests will feel different to you in any way — additionally, I think it’s great to re-solve problems again and and again until you feel mastery, and, if you do plan on reusing q’s, it’s generally best to use them for pt’s first, then drilling next. Finally, I want to point out that differences between tests are very, very subtle — I don’t think that even a group of 170+ test takers, if given a bunch of exams from 7 years ago, 4 years ago, or 1 year ago, could (without prior knowledge of these exams) tell when they were from.

Finally, in terms of solutions — check out this page of free resources to see if there are any that you may have missed on your own — — it’s definitely useful to have high quality solutions and explanations, no question, but also keep in mind that, especially since you already have a lot of studying under your belt, ideally you want to reach for them as little and as late as possible — it has nothing to do with how helpful they can be, but rather it has to do with the fact that you want to build up your internal sense of right and wrong as much as possible, and reaching for some other authority later and less often can help with that.

Hope that helps and if you have any follow up q’s just let me know — MK