Reply To: Free Live Event Nov 30 – Dec 2

December 2, 2015 at 7:36 pm #914

Hi Mike – thanks for the page references and for the game day tips. I plan on revisiting those again and again in the coming weeks. Also thanks to the previous poster’s questions and your responses, which have helped me as well.  BTW,  after some consideration, I’ve decided to hold onto my three chances and take the actual exam when I ‘m 110% on board with my readiness level.  With that said, and if you have time, could you in a general way, address EITHER of two questions from the October exam of this year.  They are both from the first LR section, #18 and #24.  Seriously, in both instances, the elephant ( you know, the one you mention in the beginning chapters) completely took over and it felt like everything I learned in the last couple of months just fell out the window. Aside from moving on when encountering these types of quetison, can you tell me how to better “see” either of these questions.  It felt almost like I had never seen anything quite like them before.