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December 2, 2015 at 2:15 am #904

Thanks! So my question is around study prep time.

I was thinking about taking the test in February to give myself the opportunity of applying next year (not totally sure on law school yet). February was ideal for me because my schedule may be different in June or October, whereas easier to visualize now, and there may be other things that come up then. Currently I get home from work at about 630 M-F, without any commitments outside of work. Not that June or October is prohibitive, just potentially less convenient or more of an opportunity cost.

I took a practice test and scored well below where I would want to be on test day, much of it due to not finishing any of the sections, and nowhere close on the logic games. However, I performed very well on the SAT, and am a good standardized test taker, though am usually a slow one and would definitely need to focus on speed.  Other than the logic games the material came pretty naturally.

I got my feet wet starting to study from a logic games book to get a head start on a testmasters course that starts Saturday I was thinking about taking. I realized a couple things though. 1) The course starts on Saturday and only runs for 2 months because it can’t start until the december LSAT  is done.  2) From what I’ve read/heard most people give themselves at least 3 months (3-4 months?) to prep.

So, right now, I’m at trying to decide if I should go all in to prepare for the test or put it off until a later date. I want to get my best possible score, and have had doubts recently about whether I can feel totally prepared in this amount of time, and won’t be wishing I had more time to master it.

Insights on how much time is usually needed to fully prepare, or anything specific to my situation would be helpful! Also, I’ve heard great things about your book, and like the flexibility it provides for self study, so any thoughts on that vs taking a course (price isn’t an issue) are helpful as well.