Reply To: Free Live Event Nov 30 – Dec 2

November 30, 2015 at 7:53 pm #891

>>>Thanks for the logic games assessment link Mike! I will definitely check it out.

Mike said : “2) Even if it’s your first time, you only have 3 attempts at the test, and, the next time you take the test, you will likely feel better knowing you have 2 more tries than knowing you only have 1 more.

If you feel that you have plenty of room for improvement, I think that is the crux of your decision — is the experience of taking, which is indeed very valuable, worth using up one of your three turns (which are also very valuable) — that’s your call.”

>>> Two things: 1) Thanks for confirming my instincts on a retake date and yes, I absolutely was not planning on retake until June. And
2) how flakey does it look if one cancels after taking the exam? I realize you’re not an admissions officer, but does it look flakey or do they make assumptions that you just scored sub-par??

Thanks again for taking the time to do office hours! It’s coming up on the 12 noon hour, so this will be my last question for the session. Psyched for the new site.