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November 30, 2015 at 6:45 pm #887
Mike Kim

Hey — seems I’m having a bit of trouble nesting responses (the forum just launched and the all the tech is a bit over my head!) — my apologies but for now I’ll just quote the comments I’m responding to —

Manchas — “Hi Mike –
My responses to your three questions:
1. Yes, I have taken a proctored LSAT exam (offered by a preptest company in my city) but not one administered officially by LSAC. So if I took it, the December exam would be my first official one.
2. Realistically, I would say I’m 10-12 points away from my goal score of 167-169.
3. No, there is no pressing need to go to law school next year. It’s more important for me to attend a better school to the point that yes, I would be willing to wait an extra year if I had to.

Thanks for the additional info — I think your assessment of your situation and your options is pretty much right on — here are a few of my thoughts —

1) It’s really hard to gauge whether we’ve prepared enough to perform at our best or not. It sounds to me like you know for sure that you haven’t, and if that’s the case you should certainly expect — especially if you haven’t gotten in as much practice work under your belt as you should — that there is plenty of room for your score to keep going up. However, if you need help evaluating whether you have done what you can, you may want to take a look at this — — and see how you fare, or just ask about it more here and I’ll be happy to try and help.

2) Even if it’s your first time, you only have 3 attempts at the test, and, the next time you take the test, you will likely feel better knowing you have 2 more tries than knowing you only have 1 more.

If you feel that you have plenty of room for improvement, I think that is the crux of your decision — is the experience of taking, which is indeed very valuable, worth using up one of your three turns (which are also very valuable) — that’s your call.

3) In terms of your next attempt, if going to school earlier is not a huge priority for you, you might want to consider June instead of February, which is going to creep up on you much faster than you’d like — the last thing you want to do is rush yourself to get ready for Feb, feel you didn’t do your best, rush yourself for June, etc. — instead, you want to give yourself the very best chance to study as best you can, and it may be that deciding to take again in June rather than Feb (per the limited amount I know — feel free to ignore my advice if it doesn’t apply) may give you a better shot at doing that.

I have some thoughts about nerves as well — let me catch up on some of these other q’s and circle back.