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November 30, 2015 at 6:28 pm #886

1) can you tell me just a bit about how you start off logic games (that is, what you do before going into q’s) : First thing I do is draw a layout based on the kind of games, then I go through and write down the rules as they’re supposed to look and plug them into my layout if needed. Then I make my deductions and if necessary, draw out scenarios. Once I’ve done that and have seen that I can’t do anything else to my setup, I go into the questions.

2)about your general approach to reading RC passages? My approach used to be to do a quick scan of the passage and make a note of what the main point was, the author’s attitude, and why the the author wrote the passage after reading. My current approach is to read a bit slower and after every paragraph, I write a very quick and short summary of the paragraph on the side. I do this for each paragraph and once I’m done with the passage, I give myself a quick breakdown of what I just read and why the passage was written.