Reply To: Free Live Event Nov 30 – Dec 2

November 30, 2015 at 5:59 pm #877

Hi Mike -Congratulations on the new forum and thank you for the office hours!! Here’s my dilemma: I signed up to take the December exam but know that if I took it, I likely would not be able to achieve my desired score. I say this because I have spent 95% of my time just learning the concepts, micro-analyzing questions, and doing drills and sections at a time. I have NOT done practically any timed full tests. Just to give you some context – when I first took a timed exam during a one-day freebie offered by a test prep company two years ago, I scored abysmally. So I had a pretty steep hill to climb. I would do sets of LR questions and get half of them wrong. Now, when I do an LR section – untimed – i usually get one or two wrong. Similarly, with LG, I used to spend the entire morning stuck on one game. Now, i am usually able to complete three out of the four games successfully under timed conditions. So I have made progress. However, it’s still a steeper climb to the 167+ range. And the few times that I have taken a timed exam, I am unable to finish and feel so demoralized after that I end up avoiding doing them altogehter.
I’m leaning towards taking the exam but then cancelling the day after – if only to subject myself to real conditions and also because I already forked over the $$.
Do you have any thoughts on the wisdom of this strategy and any suggestions on how I can get over my fear of timed tests?