Reply To: Introduce Thyself

November 25, 2015 at 5:45 am #848

1) Who you are: I’m Nicole Hopkins; Mentor/BR (that’s Blind Review) Group Leader over at the 7sage forums (the other place I hang out) and owner of ; artisanal bacon afficionado; enthusiastic Texan
2) Where you live: Dallas, TX
3) What you do in the world (or what you WANT to do 🙂 ): I’m a flack (PR professional) and marketing guru by day and a (an?? I never know) LSAT tutor by night. I’m applying to law school this cycle and want to practice oil & gas litigation. Someday I hope to run for office and have a corgi.
4) When you started studying for the LSAT … Or how long you studied from start to final take: 16-18 months
5) A little blurb 😀 : Instead of a blurb, I give you a GIF: