Reply To: Tips on RC Review

February 5, 2018 at 2:00 pm #55595
Mike Kim

Hey! —

Sorry, but for my previous response about RC, I guess I didn’t quite realize you were taking in Feb — all the same suggestions still apply, but, in terms of specifically getting ready for this Saturday —

1) there are review suggestions scattered throughout the various RC chapters, but the most important RC chapter to read right before the test is 37, so make sure to look there for any last minute suggestions.

2) Also, as mentioned in my other note, please check out this post — — for additional tips on review.

3) And, please also check out the FAQ part of this forum for even more tips about reviewing LR and RC, and for tips on taking your final PTs.

Lastly, if I could suggest two areas for you to focus on during your final RC prep, it would be these two —

1) working to read with empathy and a focus on understanding what the person is trying to say and why (as discussed in more length in other response)
2) reminding yourself to utilize the q stem as much as possible — specifically, try as best you can to eliminate or confirm answers based on a black and white determination of them matching both the passage and the question (text and task, as I say in the Trainer) and nothing else — this can really help prevent going down the spiral of subjective decision-making when it comes to thinking about and choosing between answers.

Hope that makes sense and hth — as always, let me know if you have any follow-up — best of luck with your studies this week and on the exam! —