Reply To: 1 Month Study Schedule

January 4, 2018 at 12:06 pm #3451
Mike Kim

Hi Vald,

Nice to have you here and wish you the best with the Trainer —

I do generally recommend more prep time if possible, but I have also seen tons of students make huge improvements in a month’s time, and, as long as you have the recommended amount of prep time per week, I think you can trust that using the schedule will leave you far better prepared for test day than you would be without it —

The study schedule splits up and orders the assignments for you, and in terms of how the lessons/work are organized, most of the reading and book work is assigned in the first weeks of your prep, and the final week of prep has you focusing on full PT work — again, all detailed in the schedule, and all very flexible and easy to adjust per your needs and situation —

HTH and wish you the best — if you need me along the way, just let me know —