Reply To: LG Basic Setups Drill Set 1

December 18, 2017 at 3:11 pm #3414


You’re right. So, this is the actual solution you wrote [I added all other possibilities in ( )].

pair 1: M, N
pair 2: O, (P/Q/T)
pair 3: R, (P/Q/T)
pair 4: S, P/Q

And it’s obviously correct.

BUT–taking into account what you said about O and T, does this also work now:

pair 1: M, N
pair 2: P, S/R/O
pair 3: Q, S/R/O
pair 4: O/R*, T
*but not both


[So really the mistake I made was listing O and T as a definite pair when really it’s only a possible pairing since R and T could ALSO go together (and the pairs would be MN, OP, SQ, RT which would still satisfy all the rules). Essentially, both diagrams separate P/Q/T and O/R/S. They also both have M and N together and state that T goes with either O or R.]

Thanks for your help! I’m enjoying the LSAT trainer. I’m planning on taking the June 2018 LSAT, so I have a little extra time to devote to logic games. I’m just wanting to get into the habit of listing all possibilities on my diagrams so that I can answer questions faster. I did these drills timed (7 minutes/6 questions), and I think this lead to my mistake (at least with the O and T in car 4 notation).

As far as the trainer, I’ve really enjoyed the logical reasoning lessons I’ve read so far. I actually went ahead with LR and did lessons 16 and 17 and the accompanying drills before starting lesson 10. (Which goes against your advice–sorry!) I just started having a lot of fun doing logical reasoning and wanted to keep going (and missed 1 or 2 questions in the text and then only one in the drills). Doing this really made me understand logical reasoning–and made me look forward to doing drills. The trainer is super accessible, and I like how you reiterate the steps you need to take to answer questions–it really reinforces the process in your head which leads to fewer mistakes. I’m really loving the book.

Thanks again!