Reply To: Schedule for full time workers?

November 17, 2017 at 4:14 pm #3358
Mike Kim

Hello Sabina! — Thanks for trusting in the Trainer and nice to have you here. I think the 16 week schedule will work great if you can fit it into your schedule — the fact that you have a few months after that means that if you need to stretch it out a bit that’s okay too —

A couple of other thoughts —

1) I do have a beta version available of an updated schedule that includes up to PT 81 — you may not want it (because you may want to keep the newest tests for practice when you are done with the study schedule) but if you do just email me at and I’ll send it to you.

2) If you think the 16 week schedule may be a bit too much to handle with your schedule, you could also work off the 8 week schedule, and just stretch it out so that you do every week’s worth of work over two.

If you have to pick between a) really being able to focus in and give your full attention and energy to a lighter workload vs b) getting in a ton of work but exhausting yourself to do it and not being able to focus half the time, when it comes to LSAT prep, I really think (A) is a far better option, so don’t feel guilty / feel like you will be unprepared if you go with a lighter workload — in any case, it’s great you are getting started so early.

Good luck with your studies and let me know if you ever need anything —