Reply To: PT77 Game 3

November 15, 2017 at 6:14 pm #3353

Hi Mike,

I don’t have much of a follow up right now, other than to say thank you so very much. What a great response…you should do this for a living.

I tried the game again with your suggestions.

Your diagram really does open the game up. One simple connection I didn’t consider was to use the employee as the group under the office picks, instead of “J: Y, X, Z ,W etc”. Definitely helps with visualization.

Also, I see the benefit of placing the order of remaining elements to the right. I had a small issue however with remembering the ranking of an employee’s picks. For example, when J picks first P’s first pick was actually Y, and not Z. Simple enough to just put a number beside each letter though, in this case just putting a “2” top right of Z.

Anyway, I’ll let all this sink and keep trucking.

Thank you again