Reply To: Using 2015 Trainer for my 2nd time studying..

October 9, 2017 at 9:27 am #3316
Mike Kim

Hi Rachel —

Welcome to the forum and thanks for trusting in the Trainer —

Yeah, if you have the older version, you certainly don’ need the new one —

In terms of which pt’s to study with, I think focusing on the fresh material will work great, but if you have the time, I think mixing up a combination of new and re-use q’s is best. There is benefit to both redoing and trying new stuff — especially if you’d had a little break or are studying with new prep material, sometimes seeing a problem again, but seeing something new in it, can lead to big breakthroughs — on the other side, obviously it’s very important to give yourself plenty of practice with new problems you haven’t seen before. You can use the questions-by-type tool on the site if you need to look up which q’s to add in to which drills, etc.

And, I do think it’s important to save some fresh tests (some from the 52-61 will work fine, and any post -72 if you haven’t already used all of them) for the pt work at the end of your studies —

HTH and let me know if you have any follow-up or need anything else —