Reply To: Thinking of a Plan B. Need Some Advice

September 6, 2017 at 2:53 pm #3294
Mike Kim

Hey Elliot —

Unfortunately I don’t think I can offer any opinion about whether to withdraw or not — it’s too personal and too important a decision — I will say that, in my experience, right around this time, pretty much every student who is preparing to take the LSAT thinks about ways in which he/she could have prepared more or prepared more effectively, and it’s natural that many students consider whether they ought to postpone — it’s like cold feet the night before a wedding —

I think two questions you want to ask yourself are —

A) Do I have a chance to perform at or near my best, or do I know for sure that I haven’t put myself in that position?


B) Regardless of the answer to (A), do I have a chance to get a score I’m happy with, even at the least to have in my back pocket as I prepare for a retake?

I think your answers to those questions should guide your decision — in addition, for more specific assessment help, please check out the Readiness Checklist, available here —

In terms of what to do with your time before the exam, my suggestion is to focus on pt’s, but the key is to make sure to take the time to carefully study every practice test you try, with the goal of getting to understand, as clearly and correctly as you possibly can, exactly how each question works, and what methods you could have used to arrive at the right answer. Studying that can be beneficial for both the short term (prepping for the Sept test) and the long term (prepping for December).

Then, after the test, you can start the 12 week schedule fresh, and fit it into fewer weeks if need be (the schedules are designed to be flexible and it should be easy to move assignments around, etc.) —

Hope at least some of that is helpful and wish you the best —