Reply To: Multiple Flaws per question possible?

August 24, 2017 at 8:46 am #3282
Mike Kim

Hey — it certainly is possible to see multiple flaws — it’s also often tough to draw a clear line between seeing different flaws, and seeing the same flaw in different ways — so, it’s certainly understandable and expected — you can typically manage such situations just fine if you a) have a clear and correct understanding of the conclusion and support b) have strong elimination skills and c) can stay flexible in terms of what you look for in right answers.

In terms of the specific issue of misrepresentation / underrepresentation — most commonly what you would see is a change in subject matter or some other more explicit indication that the group discussed in the conclusion and the group involved in the study are mismatched — for example, a conclusion about people in general, and a survey that only accounts for adults of a certain age group.

HTH and good luck with the Sept exam — MK