Reply To: Where Are all the drills

August 21, 2017 at 3:01 pm #3279
Mike Kim

Hi Manelle,

The free study schedules are designed to help you combine work you do in the Trainer with extra practice outside of the book. So, depending on which study schedule you are using, you will need to purchase additional practice tests 52-71, or 62-71. LSAC sells those exams in books of 10, and offers the tests directly to students at a much lower price than they do to test prep companies (which is the primary reason I don’t provide the additional tests myself). The specific problems to try for each drill set are listed on the “drill sets in detail” pages.

You can find video instructions about the drill sets, as well as links to purchase the additional tests on Amazon, on the study schedules webpage, here —

and you can also find more information on page 3 of your schedule.

Sorry for any confusion caused and I hope that clears things up — if you need anything else please let me know —

Mike Kim