Reply To: Eliminating CNBTs in CBT Qs

August 17, 2017 at 6:58 am #3274

Thank you so much for your help, Dan.
Can I ask you what is your perspective (like what you think when you first read the Q stem) in regards to approaching a CBT Q?
I think what really helped me was deliberately looking for MBF ACs in CBT Qs. While you said ‘Typically, on a CBT question, you want to find a layout where the answer choice is true,’ isn’t the logic game (and the LSAT as a whole) really about what MUST BE TRUE? The critical deductions of the games are about what must be true and cannot be true. Also, it’s harder and takes longer to think about what can be true, which is why I believe eliminating MBF choices is actually more efficient in CBT Qs. I’d like to know how you think!