Reply To: Inefficiency – Reading Comprehension

August 15, 2017 at 5:54 am #3269
Mike Kim

Hey Drew —

Great q —

A big challenge of RC is that it requires both big picture understanding and the ability to pay attention to and make determinations based on very specific details — we are very bad at doing both at the same time and trying to do both at the same time is self-defeating — so, my general suggestion is to use your initial read to develop a strong understanding of overall reasoning structure, and then to focus in on specific and relevant details when it comes time to evaluate specific questions and answers.

Reading the q’s ahead of time could tip you off to pay attention to two types of concerns — reasoning structure, and certain details that were mentioned in certain q’s. You should be reading for reasoning structure anyway, and, in terms of details, again, my view is that it doesn’t benefit you to be on the lookout for them ahead of time.

As an analogy, imagine reading the questions for a Logic Game before you set it up — maybe you might find help it a little helpful or maybe you might find that a little distracting, but regardless, the key to your success will still be your ability to imagine and set up the entire game properly — if you are able to do that, you’ll be able to answer a variety of questions more easily, and if you don’t have a proper setup, having looked at the q’s ahead of time won’t matter much. In the same way, in RC, if you have a strong sense of overall reasoning structure, you should be able to handle all varieties of (LSAT) q’s more easily — and if you don’t come away from your read with a clear/strong sense of overall reasoning structure, again, having looked at the q’s ahead of time won’t matter much.

Those are the thoughts that come to mind for now — hth and let me know if you need anything else — MK