Reply To: Possible mistake on Page 202?

July 13, 2017 at 1:13 pm #3158

Sure. Here was my process:

I took the two conditions K_L and O_ _ _ L to come up with these 4 scenarios.

1) O_K_L, 2) K_L_ _ _ O, 3) O_ _ _ L_K, 4) L_K_O

I eliminated the third scenario by using the condition that K or J must occupy the first slot.

For the K_L_ _ _O, scenario, this is a 7 slot scenario, and is the only scenario that involves K being the first element listed; therefore, it is the only way that K can fill the first slot.

In this scenario, the order must be K _ L M _ _ O.

Ergo, scenarios 1 & 4 must involve J as the first element.

This yields the following 2 options:

1) J _ O M K _ L 2) J_ L M K _ O

Thus, my three complete setups are:

1) K _ L M _ _ O
2) J _ O M K _ L
3) J _ L M K _ O

The question asks us to consider scenarios in which K is not first, leaving us with:

J _ O M K _ L & J _ L M K _ O

H and P are listed as free agents in the problem, and can therefore freely occupy slots 2 & 5 in these 2 scenarios. Subsequently, I am at a dead end and cannot see how slot 6 is a possibility for H.