Reply To: Different versions of 16 week study guide

June 19, 2017 at 10:41 am #3143
Mike Kim

Hi Caleb — I think the 29-71 schedule can work great, and I sometimes consider putting it back up on the site —

I also think older tests are just fine to practice with —

I do think that for most students, utilizing around 20 pt’s worth of practice is ideal — and, even if, for you, it turns out that practicing with 40 pt’s worth of problems is ideal, I personally think that, in most cases, it’s better to build up to that yourself, and add on that extra work as you see fit (as opposed to planning on doing it all from the get-go) —

A lot of the students who find and utilize the Trainer are extremely ambitious, and it’s natural for such students to gravitate toward doing more work —

And more work can absolutely make you better and better —

But at the same time —

1)It’s human nature that when you have, to put it in extremes, fifty tests to study with as opposed to just one practice test, you will value each of those fifty tests less than you would just the one, meaning you’ll be less concerned about clearing up each confusion, learning from each problem, etc.

2) By its nature, the LSAT is in large part the same 100 question test given again and again and again. By its design, the LSAT is such that if you have the understanding, strategies, skills, and habits to get, say, a 165 on one LSAT, you should be able to get roughly the same score on any other LSAT. So, there is great value in trying to really, truly master everything you study, even if that means you have less time to get in more new practice.

3) Every time you practice, you develop habits — both good and bad — and one thing I’ve seen over and over again — actually, the entire reason I’m wasting your time with all this info — is that too many well-meaning students unwittingly mess themselves up by practicing too much without proper care about developing correct habits, and their bad habits become more and more hardened, making it harder and harder for them to improve.

So, you certainly want to get enough practice to develop the right skills and habits, but you want to practice carefully enough so that you maximize your gain from that work —

And again, to me, about 20 pt’s worth of problems seems to hit a nice sweet spot in terms of that satisfying those concerns —

But having said that, you know yourself best, so as long as you are mindful of potential concerns and whatnot, I think the longer scheduled can be the one that’s perfect for you —

HTH and if you have any follow-up let me know — MK