Reply To: Freshman studying for LSAT

April 10, 2017 at 10:25 am #3045
Mike Kim

Hey Nick —

Nice to meet you online —

My feeling is that it’s probably too early for you to get started with the main part of your LSAT prep — for that, I would recommend about 4 – 6 months of concentrated and regular study, along with planning for taking the test twice if necessary (schools only care about your highest score) —

However, if you have the time and find it enjoyable, I would, personally, love for you to read the Trainer, and I do definitely think that if you were to do so, it would give you a terrific head start for when you prepare closer to the test — if you were to study the Trainer over this summer, my suggestion would be to not mark inside the book and to study it again from the beginning closer to test day —

On somewhat of a side note — I personally think that studying for the LSAT is actually also very good exercise for your brain, and, if done properly, can help a student become stronger overall at studying and thinking about a variety of things — I feel it’s done this for me — but, I am very, very biased, and I’m sure there are million and one others ways you could spend your time during the summer than can also be wonderful for your development —

Hope that helps and wish you the best with everything — get in touch if have any follow-up or need anything else —