Reply To: Extreme Links — HELP

February 1, 2017 at 9:29 am #2973
Mike Kim

Hey Tim,

Before I start, just a random coincidence / side story —

I had an exterminator come to my house yesterday, and he was literally wearing two pairs of shoes at the same time — his regular shoes, then some strange giant slipper sort of protective shoe over it — I wanted to ask him if I could take a picture of it, in my head specifically thinking of this particular drill scenario, but I felt too shy and didn’t ask him — and then your question came in! I feel great regret about this.

As you suggested in your separate email, there is nothing that restricts the number of shoes the doll can wear.

I do give a small hint with the phrase – “the doll can only wear one dress at a time” — which could tip you off that there aren’t restrictions on the # of hats or slippers the doll can wear (would be much easier/more obvious if I reversed the roles that shoes and necklaces play in the q).

I get it that this is a particularly cruel way to design the drill — please don’t hate me for it! — but these specific drills are meant to be extremely difficult, and I really wanted to push the limits in terms of testing your ability to not make unjustified assumptions, no matter how reasonable they may seem —

HTH — Mike