Reply To: Structure Questions first on RC?

November 2, 2016 at 10:16 am #2820
Mike Kim

Hey Ltownsjr —

Please don’t call me Mr. Kim — makes me feel so old — if Mike makes u uncomfortable, how about Kimmer? That was my junior high school nickname. Or, Palindrome (Pal for short)?

I do not suggest doing RC problems out of order (I also do not suggest doing passages out of order, LG problems out of order, LR problems out of order, etc.) — overall, I think the negative consequences outweigh the positive ones —

During the test, the two biggest things that you can influence on a conscious level are your priorities and your focus —

The three things you want to focus on during RC are the passage, the task (q stem), and the answer choice — and your jobs is always to evaluate how those three components match up — and you want to spend as much of your 35 minutes as possible focusing on that and prioritizing that —

And you want to protect this focus as much as you possibly can —

And, as I mentioned above, in my opinion, worrying about the the order of q’s is an unnecessary distraction —

Hope that makes sense and helps — take care — Mike