Reply To: Why Do You Want To Be A Lawyer?

October 24, 2016 at 12:05 am #2804

Thank you Mike for this Forum.

I struggle with this question a lot. I am 38, long gone from my college days. I had wanted to go to Law School right out of college but joined the Workforce for a few years. I had grown in family business and as much I loved my corporate paychecks I missed the action of a business. But things really didnt work out that well! The economy just hit bottom at the right moment for things not to go well. Confidence does take a hit. So a few years back, I decided to look again at being a Lawyer. I once more wanted to step into the business world, but something told me that having more knowledge of the Law would get me farther. Would help me understand things better. But once more the business did not work as well as I thought. So I stopped.
This time I purchased your book. I enrolled in the December exam. I struggle every day, with the question “Why do I want to be a Lawyer?”
I feel like, in this day of age, having extensive law knowledge is a must. I do struggle because I dont envision myself as a Lawyer. That is not a good thing. I have worked with Lawyers in our family business. I dont like the hectic lifestyle many of them have. I am a very relaxed person. I struggle with the fact that my personality might not fit the profession. I am more of a creative individual. I am not interested in being a trial lawyer. Basically I want to be a Lawyer in order to understand the law, how it related to my businesses and how I can use that knowledge to gain me an advantage.
Sometimes I wonder if I am making a mistake. If there is another way. I am around chapter 22 and I have to say that its not easy for me to pick your book up every day. Because that question haunts me every day. Sometimes I dont study because of it. Its my personal hurdle. Alexis, Why do you want to be a Lawyer? Ill be honest. Im not interested in helping anyone as a charity cause. Although I am naturally a helper, so I must imagine that I will help many people in the course of my life.
Sometimes I wish they would obligate everyone that goes to college to earn a JD as well.
Perhaps that is something that you can help me with. For sure I have many questions that pertain to the topics, LR, LG, RC (I just created the account here. Perhaps I should have done it when I got the book). I definitely hit a mental block at some points, and my brain goes haywire and then it is hard to recover after that.
Perhaps I should postpone until next year, but then I probably wont do it. After all I have been thinking about it for over 15 years. This is the first time I actually purchased the test.
But what is it that I am missing? IF I have so much natural interest, why cant I answer that question so easily? Why cant I use that to fire my Mind and Spirit so that every day I can put my full focus and attention to studying and nailing that test?
I could be robotic or mechanic as you say in the book. I wish I could be that person. Take the book, read, practice. Do it again tomorrow. I just cant. But I cant be. That is not the way I work. Why do I want to be a lawyer? I need that question answered. Where do I want to take this? Why do I need this? Just reading the tools and mindset in your book talk to my needs and wants but its still not clear cut.
I cant envision myself like typical lawyers. I do envision myself with the Knowledge of Law, and using that knowledge for my advantage. But the vision is yet not clear. My path is not clear cut. Perhaps a person like you can help more in this regard. I know that if that I remove that mental block, I can really put my focus on it. Perhaps it will remove my fear of failure or not being good enough. Perhaps the intense dedication required goes against my relaxed and chill personality (a friend of mine is in law school and tells me how intense it is). Then again, if I were to be a lawyer that character trait of mine will be part of it. Chill and Relax. I can be very intense. But only when required. I cant be intense all the time. Do I fit with being a lawyer? Is there space for me?
This was a long winded post. But its the question that will determine my success in my studies for the LSAT, the score of the LSAT, Law School, Bar Exam, and how I choose to implement being a Lawyer. Why do I want to be a Lawyer. I still truly dont know.
Hope you can help.