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October 13, 2016 at 12:18 pm #2775

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your detailed response. I believe I see where I’m going wrong—yes, I’m definitely not seeing how some rules link together, especially for G4 of PT55.

I’ve been wracking my brain for a while trying to figure out how to write the rules, especially rules 3 and 4 that you detail above. For game 4, I realize now that I’m supposed to be working on who gets off at which stop (for some weird reason, that wasn’t clear to me, or I forgot that important element. Duh me.) But creates a problem for me when I have to think of also who doesn’t get off at some stop.

It is clear to me that I have a big problem with having to think of something differently than it is written, especially in a tight timing situation (read: test anxiety). (Any further tips would be appreciated. I would guess that plugging away at the difficult games should help solve this for me. LOL)

I’ll use a) the capitals and lower case letter, because I’m not sure what you mean by use two sets of lines, 1 for the order of stops and 1 for the order of people.

Here is what b) says to me:
____ ____ ____ ____
L/ /L (for stops)
____ ____ ____ ____
(for people)
But these two rows can’t be correct, because I would think that would mean two things have to go in one column. So I realized that rule 1 should have prompted me to write two lines—one with L in 1 and the other with L in 2:

____ ____ ____ ____
L (both for order of stops)
____ ____ ____ ____

I get that rule 3 should be: m – R to notate that Rosa gets off at or after the Mineola stop, correct?

But rule 4 has me flustered. You wrote above: “The more unusual rule is the last one, which gives us a conditional, essentially “If J isn’t before F…,” and then uses the term “otherwise” to give us another conditional, one that gives us the consequences of if J is before F. The two conditionals, together, create a limited number of ways in which the game can play out, and so understanding this rule is both, in my opinion, the most challenging aspect of the game, but also the most useful rule.”

Here’s my crack at rule 4:
F – J s – G OR J – f G – s so I used it this way to solve the questions. (I would attach a picture of my latest attempt at all the questions plus my diagramming for G4, but it seems that I cannot attach pictures into this blog box since I do not know the url for the images. I need a public place to share my images?)

I’m still not sure how I got question 23 correct, but that is the only 1 out of 5 that I actually got right. :/

PT 55, G2 and G3 are still elusive. Can you help me with those two, please? (I would attach a picture of my latest attempt at all the questions plus my diagramming for both games, but same reason for attaching pics as above.)

Thank you!

Bev Hansen