Reply To: Drill Ordering Games Set 2

October 8, 2016 at 7:30 am #2760

This is FANTASTIC! Thank you, Julie, I’m near enough the same timing in my studies as you are, and thank you Mike, for your excellent responses, as usual.

Having said that, I still need help with this particular Drill Set 2 -Ordering Games Set 2 (I can’t find that it is covered anywhere else in the blogs), even though I did well on Ch. 29 (although I’m still reviewing them in detail–which leads me to two major problems with this drill set: PT 55, Games 3 and 4. I bombed these two spectacularly–well actually, I bombed the entire Drill Set. I was doing so well with LG, and was starting to enjoy them, then this Drill Set happened.

Rather than you explaining your mindset for diagramming and solving both games, can you let me know which LSAT Trainer drills/games these two games are similar to? Even in review, I still cannot figure out which games these are similar to so I can go about figuring out what I’m doing wrong. I’ll admit, I freeze when I am confronted with subsets.

I believe I realized that my problem is that I neglected my review (and subsequent fixes) too much in previous LG Lessons, and now I’m correcting my habits a little late in the game before December’s test. The good part is that a have a LOT of games to re-work on to engage those proper habits, once I figure out where I’m going wrong in visualizing which game style I’m faced with. Visualizing the set is still my biggest hurdle. I’m not quite sure how to fix it–along with thinking of everything else.

I feel as though I’m almost there, but something is missing for me to get it all to “click.”

Thanks much!