Reply To: Drill Ordering Games Set 2

October 3, 2016 at 5:34 pm #2757
Mike Kim

Hi Julie —

Absolutely — it’s great to play games again and again — to maximize the benefit, you want to make sure to

a) account for your process in addition to your understanding — when you review your work, you always want to think about how you solved games (in addition to making sure you understand how they work), when you play a game a second time or third time, you should have greater expectations about really nailing the diagram in real time, answering questions efficiently, and so on.

b) expect that at some point you will, for the most part, “close the circle,” meaning that if you master enough different games, you’ll come to realize that you are now prepared for pretty much anything that can happen in games — obviously that’s a goal that’s tough to get to, but, in order to help yourself out, always, when you play and review games, think about how they relate to other games you know (think about what they have in common and what they don’t) and try to note all the connections you see in some way (I recommend drawing notes on giant pieces of grid paper, but I’m old fashioned) —

Good luck, Julie! — Hope you have a good week of studies — MK